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Sometimes a home can sell with very few changes, and other times, owners will need to put in some major work to get their place off the market. While investing in some upgrades is not a guarantee to sell your home, these fixes are what potential buyers will be looking for—and could even raise your asking price.


The first thing a potential buyer will notice is the outside of your home, so why not make it stand out? Invest in some simple fixes, like fresh mulch and vibrant flowers or potted plants.


Nothing turns off a buyer more than worn or dirty carpets. If you have quality hardwood underneath, consider ripping up the carpet. Otherwise, invest in a professional cleaning or think about installing new carpeting.

Kitchen and bath

The kitchen and bath are among the biggest deal breakers in the home-buying process. A fresh coat of paint, caulking around sinks and tubs, and replacing outdated handles and fixtures with more modern finishes can go a long way.

Energy efficiency

Homes are now trending toward more technologically advanced and energy-efficient features, and if you can offer buyers ways to be environmentally conscious and save money on their bills, they’ll be all in.

Anything broken?

You wouldn’t want to move into a new home with a leaky roof or drafty windows, and potential buyers won’t, either. Consider handling these inconveniences before listing your home—the return on investment is worth it.