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Q: Why Should You Take a Home Inventory?

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What’s so particularly important about taking a home inventory? We wouldn’t forget all that we owned, would we?

Well, when reporting loss, insurance companies want you to submit an itemized list complete with make, model, and serial number information, and the average homeowner can’t pull this information from the top of their head. A home inventory ensures that the process of getting your life back together after a tragedy strikes will be much, much smoother than it otherwise would be.

“You’ll want to be able to access and update your home inventory often.”

One simple way to conduct an inventory is to take photos of everything, then use online templates that allow you to fill in basic item information and additional notes (but be sure that everything is ultimately saved to the cloud). The other option is video, but again, the biggest key is to not store it on a local computer. You could also store it in a thumb drive and keep that in a bank box. Whatever method you choose, you’ll want to be able to access and update your home inventory often.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to depend on the inventory you’ve taken, but it’s always better to have it and not need than need it and not have it. If you need help with a video, we are offering 3D imaging for a price determined by square footage, so please let us know if you’re interested in having us do this for you.

As always, reach out to us via phone or email if you have questions about this or any other real estate topic or are thinking about buying or selling soon. We’re here to help!